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Thank you for visiting the Legacy Shield USA website! The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) have provided alarming statistics: approximately 480,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States. Our sole dedication is to address this critical issue of missing children and find an effective solution to combat it.

Traditionally, it takes parents an average of 4 to 6 hours to set up an Amber Alert, which is crucial in notifying the public about a missing child. However, with the innovative Digital Child Safe-Kit, parents can now issue an Amber Alert within seconds. This streamlined process ensures that the necessary information reaches law enforcement agencies and the general public swiftly, increasing the chances of bringing your child home safely in case of an emergency.

By using our Digital Child Safe-Kit, you become an active participant in helping law enforcement locate your missing child. Together, we can make a significant difference in ensuring the well-being and prompt recovery of missing children. Join us in our mission to protect and safeguard our precious children.

Digital Child Safe Kit

In the United States, an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (NCIC)

As a parent, the safety of our children is our top priority. However, in the unfortunate event that our child goes missing, time is of the essence. Did you know that it takes the average parent four hours to give the police all the necessary information to issue an amber alert? Four precious hours could be the difference between a safe recovery and a tragic outcome.

Even more concerning is that if a child is not found within 24 hours, there is a 93% chance they have been killed. This statistic highlights the critical importance of acting fast in the event of a missing child. To make matters worse, most abductions happen within a 10-block radius of where you live, and child sex trafficking is at an all-time high. Taking proactive steps to protect our children is more important than ever.

That's why we want to introduce you to a digital child-safe kit that can help you act quickly in the event of an emergency. The kit contains all the information the police need to issue an amber alert in seconds, including personal details like height, weight, eye color, and hair color and physical descriptions like birthmarks, scars, moles, and photo ID.

With just a click of a button, you can alert your local precinct if your child ever goes missing. We'll send you the link to download the app and provide you with a unique QR code to activate the kit. Every second counts regarding the safe recovery of your children or grandchildren, so don't wait to take action. Get your digital child-safe kit today and give yourself peace of mind knowing you're doing everything possible to protect your family.

We firmly believe that one missing child is one too many, and we are committed to providing every parent with a free digital child-safe kit.


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