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Did you know? If you die without a WILL in place, the State decides where your assets go.

What brings you here?

It's not uncommon to contemplate mortality or be concerned about what will happen to your loved ones when you pass away. One crucial aspect to address is having a Will and Testament in place. A will allows you to clearly state your desires for how your assets should be distributed and address important decisions, such as burial or cremation preferences, sentimental belongings, and funeral arrangements. Without a Will, your family may have to guess your wishes, which can lead to unnecessary stress and disagreements during an already difficult time.

Moreover, if you have minor children, a Will is vital for designating a guardian who will care for them if something happens to you. Without this designation in writing, the state might decide who takes custody, which might not align with your wishes. To ensure your loved ones are protected and your intentions are honored, having a Will is essential.

Our No-Cost Will Kit covers all these important issues and more. It's completely free and provides a straightforward way to secure your family's future. Over 65% of Americans don't have a Will, but by taking this step, you can ensure your assets are properly handled, protecting your loved ones from unnecessary complications. So, if you are here for any of the reasons mentioned, you've come to the right place. And if you landed here coincidentally, we urge you to consider your family's welfare and make sure they receive what is rightfully theirs through a well-crafted Will & Testament. Every year over 1 BILLION dollars go unclaimed in life insurance because people don’t know who to call, what to say, or how much they have.

A Living Will, also known as an advanced directive, is a crucial legal document that safeguards your interests when you're unable to communicate or make decisions. It articulates your end-of-life wishes, ensuring they are respected when you can no longer express them yourself.

Consider important questions: Do you desire resuscitation if your heart stops? Would you prefer a feeding tube if you're unable to eat? Should life support be administered, and if so, for how long? A Living Will addresses countless scenarios, granting you peace of mind knowing your preferences will be upheld.

In addition, appointing a Health Care Surrogate is vital. This individual is entrusted to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated or unable to care for yourself.

Death is inevitable, and its arrival does not discriminate. Thousands have experienced the unpreparedness of not knowing their loved one's final wishes. You have the opportunity to spare your family this burden.

By securing a Living Will with Health Care Surrogate and a Will and Testament through The Free Will Kit®, you take proactive measures to be prepared for life's inevitable challenges. The included step-by-step workbook ensures your documents are accurately completed, alleviating concerns about proper execution. So, don't leave yourself unprotected; request The Free Will Kit® today to safeguard your future and the well-being of your loved ones.

Sound Important? It is.